Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions of using our website. Our website aims to assist our customers to find all the information related to their HP technical problems. It helps you simplify all your problems related to HP support and technical assistance. However, you need to agree to some of the terms and conditions that are mentioned here. Please read all the terms and conditions, in their entirety, carefully because they pose some limitations that are liable to go through a court arbitration. By availing any of our services through our website, you agree to all the terms and conditions of the website.

When you use the website, you warrant the following things:

  • Your age is above or equal to 18 years.
  • You have the right to create a legal obligation that is binding
  • You will follow all the terms of reference for this website.
  • You will only make requests that are legitimate for you or for the person for whom you are making the support request.
  • If you request support for someone else, you will inform them about the terms and conditions of the website including all the prohibitions and restrictions.
  • You will provide true and accurate information about yourself as per your knowledge.
  • If you create an account with our website, you will keep all the information and credentials safe with you,and you will not share it with anyone.

We have the complete rights and authority to deny access to someone suspicious trying to login to our portal with your credentials. We can also deny access if there we see that you are violating any or one of our terms and conditions.

In Case of Disputes

We arecompletely committed to providing complete satisfaction to our customers. Therefore, we always take extra efforts to resolve all your problems and concerns. However, if you are still unsatisfied, you can pursue it in the following ways.

You agree to help us solve your problems with customer care agents, website, our services, our products or any other representations that are made by us in our privacy policies. You can do so easily by getting in touch with our customer service support that is available 24X7. If we are unable to resolve or give an appropriate solution to your issues within 60 days, you can go for arbitration or even make your claims in the court.

Activities That Are Prohibited

You must note that all the content on the website is for your information and is proprietary to our company or our suppliers and service providers. You are not allowed to copy any of the content. You can make some copies of the itinerary for personal use,but you must not distribute, modify, transfer, sell or re-sell any of the information given on the website.

If there are any suspicious activities or abuse or fraud noticed in your account, you will be held liable,and all your reservations associated with your email address, name or phone number will be automatically canceled. You will be liable for all the monetary loss and cost of litigation caused to us because of your activities.